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Scribe - Goin' Off The Deep End lyrics

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Goin' Off The Deep End by Scribe

A slug doesn't judge in which gat it sits
My mug doesn't budget when the solo hits
Here's livin' proof, I'm tearin' roofs out of motherfuckas mouths
Once unannounced, but here's the man who'll write your death certificate
Longhand – sign my John Hancock
Then cock my hand back to smack the taste out your grill if you're talkin'
Cuz I get sick like a masochist – flip my lid, ad lib
Check your flow to show you're the shallowest
I'll punch your chronological cuz I don't waste time and so
I'll talk you out then bring you back so I can break you off some mo'
What's next? My index feels stressed to flex
Motives potentially destructive like a silo full of MX
The only government I listen to is Parliament
And when I got it goin' on they increase the defcon
(Damn! ) The Pentagon should read the pentagram and
Sam's got another thing comin'
Like a hummin' or a toastin' cuz the loaf is gonna catch it
In his bread basket - spittin' up gastrics – that's it
I'll leave you out of breath like post mortem at a forum
I might snap at any second, or ask a loaded question
Like who wants to test me at roulette
You can bet, I check the edge of the ledge to see how close I can get
Salmonella ain't shit cuz I'll eat a chicken raw
No headcrack just headcrush – my blood boils vigorous
And all my loose marbles got me in a frenzy. John Doe?
I wont' say whoawhoawhoa, just Geronimo!
I love my story's gory and inflammatory. Should I mention?
Gutwrenchin' drenchin' suckas with my lyrical double M's
So mind your P's and Q's or get cued up
To be brief I ain't lookin' for no olive wreath
I'm in a precarious position, Should I still support the system that I'm
Buying into
Prejudice is what my fist is flying into
Cuz a rolling stone gathers no moss
But heads will roll like rawhide – my rawside's like Jekyll to Hyde
The light shines down from above, upon my 3rd eye it's focused
Vile vicious visions swarm like locusts
And lead me on this path I must pursue until I'm finished
You never thought this form could manifest that of a menace

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