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Scorccio - Go Round Again lyrics

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Go Round Again by Scorccio

Dance - yeah
Let's go round again baby.
* Let's go round again,
Maybe we'll turn back the hands of time,
Let's go round again,
One more time.
Let's go round, get down can you feel sound
With the summertime vibe coming live to your town
With the Nu-School funk make you jump every time
'Coz tonight we gonna party like it's two-nine-nine-nine
Bounce, once more hit the floor early
Tonight we gonna chill sit back and watch the girlies
Giggle and wriggle their little bodies to the party
Watch the bootie bounce good god almighty
The girls in tight tops while Nikes no socks
Watch the people bop to the new hip hop
I make 'em dance, I got 'em in a spin
Let the singer man sing and here we go again, yeah
* Repeat (2x)
Verse two, coming in with something brand new
Let the Mamma's see I got my eyes on you
Love the way you move I see you sweat and I be thinking
You be the crowd and I'm in the mood for mingling
Closer than close love the flava take a dose
Feel the rhythm that we hitting from the head until your toes
Reviving no doubting what you feel.
Got wicked thoughts about you and I plan to make 'em real
2000 be coming, we keep the bass pumping
Next millennium you and me can still be jumping
To the freestyle rap hot rhyme new flow
Get wicked with the track one more time, here we go yeah
* Repeat (2x)
One more time...
Feel that beat the heat entertains them
Wave them hands if you feel the same
The body sweats get set for the disco
Just go wild from Tokyo to Frisco
On a level, you like a rebel
The bass drum drops getting wicked like a devil
It be the puppet master controlling the cuts
So bring it up, bring it up, yeah
Everybody reach up don't stop don't stop
To the front to the back reach to the top
Everybody reach up don't stop don't stop
Now dance, reach to the top (4x)
Now bring it round bring it round bring it round
You and me baby go around - yeah!
** (ad-lib)
Woh-hoo-hoo, go round again
Let's go round again baby**
* Repeat (2x)
**~** Repeat
* Repeat (2x)

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