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Schroeder'S Songbook - Away With You lyrics

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Away With You by Schroeder'S Songbook

Over a decade now
I've tried to track you down
Investigated every
Corner of this town
But I know where you've been
Since I last saw you then
So, tell me is it comfortable
Under my skin?
I think you've been here before
In fact I'm pretty sure
I see your face in every
One of these metaphors
I could dust for fingerprints
Follow these leads and hints
But it's pointless - I know
Just where my heart went
Away with you
I just can't seem to do
Away with you
Surprise, I lost my cool
For something beautiful
You left my heartache
Floating face down in the pool
When you fled the murder scene
You took a piece of me
So I just couldn't help
But crash your search party
Because I want you back
Corroborate the facts
That everything you have
Is everything I lack
So during sentencing
I hope you mention me
And when you make your plea
Plea that they send me
Away with you
Lock me
Away with you
Your words make a life sentence
Regardless of our innocence
So cuff me and tuck me
Cuff me and tuck me
Away with you
Away with you
Away with you
Away with you

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