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School Of Fish - The 15 Minute Song By Mr.S lyrics

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The 15 Minute Song By Mr.S by School Of Fish

It starts off, a dark stage. Then a beam of light, and you can
See me and my guitar.
In the end of time,
There was a man who knew the road,
And the writing was written on the stone.
A thin layer of fog comes in around my ankles, Roadies, this
Means dry ice. We'll talk about this later.
In the ancient time,
An artist led the way,
And no-one seemed to understand.
Chimes Freddy
In his heart he knew,
That the artist must be true,
But the legend of the rent was past due.
Then Katie you come in with the Bass.
Well you think you'll be just fine without me
You think you can kick me out of the band.
Then Zach you come in with a face melter.
You're not hardcore,
Unless you live hardcore.
That's when I want the Back up singers to be
You're not hardcore,
(No you're not hardcore)
Unless you live hardcore
(Unless you live hardcore)
And the legend, of the rent...
That's all I've got so far. It's a working progress.

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