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School Boy Humor - Paint Me Envy lyrics

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Paint Me Envy by School Boy Humor

To be honest I've been having trouble
Dealing with myself when I make the same mistakes
Over and over again
Honestly, it sickens me
To think this might be who I am when I die
I need some advice
Boy you know jealousy's a killer
If that's the case then I'm ready to die
I said oh you don't mean that
You'll lose her for life
And girl you know that he is a Liar
He's a cheating heartbreaker always leaving you crying
I said oh you don't mean that
You'll lose her for life
She's dressed to kill so you better stop staring
She's sitting alone in her hotel room
To go outside is to take a chance
Take a chance she might end up regretting
The tv's on and the radio is blaring
Good looks are what you need to have
To make it somewhere in this world
To lead a life she wont end up regretting
It's sad to think that her self worth
Is based on opinions that others had about her
She's the perfect picture of misdirection
Won't look me in the eye cause she hates her reflection
Boy you know that she isn't like you she's a little insecure and she's packing an attitude
And boy you know that she gets a little upset
She ends up running to her room cause she knows she can't handle it
Dissappointed you, retreat
But I wish you could see all the things you did to me
Her bags are packed and she's ready to go
But she turns around before she gets to the door
And she tells herself
That she won't cry
She turns to him
She puts her hand on his face and
She gives a little smile as she turns and walks away and says
All we are, is what we intend to be

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