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Schatzi - The Spider Smells Disaster lyrics

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The Spider Smells Disaster by Schatzi

Drop me off at the corner,
I'll find my way there.
Fast asleep in the cutter,
Smooth like butter,
If you sniff magic marker,
Your mind goes darker,
All the webs in your hair,
Just lay there,
There's a spider in the sky,
Break apart and multiply,
I'm too dumb too accept,
You are all that I detest,
Not like you perfect shoes,
I'll be watching when you lose,
Banging on the piano,
A perfect theme song,
Why do I have to sit here,
And watch it unfold?
And to want more affliction,
I hate the friction,
Why do I have to lie,
To stay here?
Spider walks into the light,
Cutting off the air supply,
I could flow 16 years,
Penetrate the atmosphere,
Still I'd be less then free,
Even if your overseas,
Burning up into dust,
Throw my hands up in disgust,
I'll implode,
I'll combust,
Watch my metal turn to rust.

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