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Scattered Fall - Left Without Air To Breathe lyrics

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Left Without Air To Breathe by Scattered Fall

All these religions are so called loving
But all i see is hate
It makes me sick i think i'm gonna cry
It's a sad f**king world when two wrongs make a right
I don't support this action accept to help the innocent
I don't support you in any kind of way when
You smoke them out of their holes is what you have to say
You're an ignorant f**k who fills them with hate
Everybody's saying they're all gonna die
That won't bring back mothers father sisters brother
Grandparents cousins aunts uncles sons or daughters
It will just cause more pain in others
Hearts, spirits, and minds
If that's what you want to do then f**k you all
This time spent hate all this time wasted on hate
There's no hope we're all gonna die
What goes around comes around
Karma is a b**ch so try not to kill

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