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Scattered Fall - Death Support lyrics

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Death Support by Scattered Fall

You terrorize children
And put fear in their hearts
The clergy you've created
I will help tear apart
Psychological self torture
You help to create
It's only human nature
In how they relate
To your misogynistic ways
And your blood filthy hands
Destroying all self virtue
Is that in your plans?
You and your arrogance
What makes you superior?
What exactly are you trying to do?
(say goodbye) to all of your ways
(say goodbye) to your so called grace
(say goodbye) to your ignorance
(say goodbye) to what you represent
You preach on love
But you're covered in hate
The look in your eyes
You're so f**king fake
You pull them into your f**ked up lies
You can't believe how they live their lives
In what you call sin
A place where you have always been
But now you hide and cover it up
And yell at them for what they've done
(so many unconditional memories)

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