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Scars On Broadway - Emulate The Soul lyrics

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Emulate The Soul by Scars On Broadway

To observe and reconstruct
Defragment our very thoughts
To write the unspoken words
For every truth lies in between
To detain substential essence
So determined in their crime
Just an instant of awareness
For a lifetime of being dragged behind
While the chaos keeps crawling
And devouring, they gather
Like vultures coldly beholding
A world forever lost
On the path to magnificence
All uniques has dissolved
A cosmic multitude of one
Grasping to bypass impurity
And as I turn my face
Towards the ones who stab me
Stab me from inside
Every flaw is brought to light
For every truth lies in between
They infiltrate us with no reason
Other that to watch us crumble
Become dust as we deserve
This nauseating weakness seals our fate
Dissected to serve a cause
A vulgar emulation of the soul
Emulate the soul

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