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Sara Nunes - The Taco Song lyrics

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The Taco Song by Sara Nunes

I know this girl, she??™s a fat vegetarian
She acts so hip, she??™s a tough talking lesbian
She don??™t eat meat, but she??™ll suck all the tacos in town
She??™s at the border and her tongue is going round and round
Oh yeah UR everything
And what U want it??™s everywhere
Everyone is watching U
U know there??™s nothing to do
Let??™s hang out over in taco hell (taco)
Baby why does UR taco smell so bad?
Break it!
U know this girl, she gets drunk almost everyday
She smokes so much that her house is always permanent gray
She??™ll write a check ??“ dumb idea ??“ the judge says 2 years long
She??™s in a funk, yeah she funks to a funky song
Everyone (Everyone)
Everybody knows it
Everyone (Everyone)
Everyone (U know U know)
Everyone, watching U, judging U, telling U what to do
They??™re so amused, they??™re so confused
I know, I know they call U a fag ???cause they??™re scared and they??™re mad
And they grew up in a small town with dicks the size of peanuts

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