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Sara Nunes - European Cities lyrics

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European Cities by Sara Nunes

Here we go...
My love life??™s just like a broken train
U never know when it??™s gonna go
Expatriates keep drinking novacaine
Yeah even if the sun shines
I feel sometimes like walking out right in front of a bus
Would u watch me?
Climbing up, falling down
In a European town
Everybody stares at Rastafarians (just look around)
I wandered everywhere, form the East Coast to LA
Even European cities
I wanna settle down with U today
And we can grow old, together
Let??™s grow old together
European cities
Sometimes when I??™m by myself and there??™s no one else
And ur still paranoid
Anybody else would leave him
But she didn??™t want to feel that way
That way (yeah)
Jamaica hear my prayer
My love for u is turning blue
U know it??™s turning baby
European cities

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