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Sarai - Mind ya business lyrics

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Mind ya business by Sarai

Dam I wish you peoples would just mind your business
Dam I wish you peoples would just mind your business
You wanna know what's get's me p**sed?
More then my period is a nosy b**ch
Always asking question and sh*t
Getting all up in my business
Probably whiff when I sh*t
Worst then the media with followin sh*t
Sabotage autobiography photography sh*t
Always startin arguments over wrong information
So ridiculous stupid idiots
Probably on heard part of it
But that's what happens when you known
You targeted haters
Instigators put your life in the paper
The media can either make you or break you
Make a chick sick wanna drink with no chaser
Get away vacate to some place in Jamaica
So I can puff all the ganja I wanna
And don't have to worry
Bout them runnin up on you
I don't get it with these nosy folks
All up in yours they be killin me you
And eminem yes I'm feeling him yo
Cause there's a Stan fan everywhere you go
But where was they when you was broke
Or maybe so before you were even known
Two-wayin me calling even come to my home
Man I wish they would leave me alone
Dear god could you help me here
And close all these nosy peoples ears
It's not the fans who I'm talking to
It's those irritating nosy mothahushup's
Who wanna what know everything about you
Who you know places you go
Things you like to do
Just because I rather not have my life on the news
With some cake face reporter
Saying back to you bob
If somebody in ya business
Touch your nose
Always trying to know yours
Touch your nose
Always asking questions
Touch your nose
Always in my grill
Touch your nose
Don't worry about what I do
You just do what you do
I hate nosy peoples
Mind your you need to
Stay up out my business please
That's all I ask cause you about to make a b**ch mad
I don't see how they can live like that
Gotta gossip like beauty parlors
Blabbin your trap girl let me tell you
You know things like that
I know you heard the word
See rumors spread like that
Dippin in the koolaid don't know the flava
Gambling ideas they more lost then Vegas
They got it major even god can't save them
You can bathe them in holy water
It still ain't no cure for them
But in a way I kinda feel for them
Cause that's the only thing they know
So they mouth keep going going
Mind your business and it will be okay
Without nosy folks it be a better place

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