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Santana - How long lyrics

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How long by Santana

How Long
(Music/ Lyrics: Robbie Patton)
It's so hard just waitin' 
But I guess that's what I have to do 
My poor heart keeps on breakin' 
With every moment I'm away from you 
I know you're smart takin'
Your time 
‘Cause of what it cost you 
Once before 
But it's not then and I love 
You a lot 
Now and forever 
How long do I wait before you make up your mind 
How long I wonder 
How long before you take away the hardest of times 
How long I wonder 
It's unfair when two who care 
Have to face such a perilous sea 
Despair lingers everywhere 
Like a cloud nobody can reach 
I understand you're afraid of it all 
Love is one hell of a step 
I'll be there if you panic or fall 
No matter what the depth 
Repeat Chorus 
All I can say I've already said 
More than a thousand times 
It's up to you to believe 
Every word 
Before I lose my mind 
Repeat Chorus
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