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Running To Persia - Moriarty lyrics

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Moriarty by Running To Persia

Where you been Moriarty, I've been striking out in the dark here
It's a hit or miss game, and I've missed a thousand times
And you're off in Africa, chasing your dreams like you ought to
Tell me kid have you found your dreams, or have your dreams found you
Let it change you
Hold it to your soul
Don't you lose control
We were roadies for Jesus Christ, indisputably church mice
And I, followed always a step behind, watched the footprints you left me
And the teachers all said of me, that I'd, live a life in your shadow
But instead of a darkness cast, you stand a beacon that guides me
You have changed me
Change is how we grow
It's how we learn to go
Different lives in a changing world, how we stand to embrace them
Is determined by who we are, what we've given to face them
Take the left side, I'll take the right, we'll end up in the middle
Just by taking our separate sides, we find out little by little
That we're fighting the same damned war
Good Luck
May God be with you there
Brother, grab the horns
Grab the damned thing by the horns

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