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Royal City Riot - The Extra Mile lyrics

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The Extra Mile by Royal City Riot

When the sun is bright and the boardwalk's hot
You got your headphone pumping as you make a stop
At the corner store to meet a couple friends
So you get washed up and you hit the show
And you give respect to all the people you know
And in your heart, it's where you're meant to be
And the feeling never goes away
Cause I know my friends are here to stay
And just to know that makes me feel okay
And I know that they feel as I do
Cause I'd walk the extra mile
To make things stay this way
Cause when you're stuck in a spot
Where you know it ain't a lot
You gotta let the pressure drop
And a drop, and a drop
With friends like these, it's all I'll ever need
Hit the rocksteady beat and my life is complete
With your money running short
And your blood on the street
We're gonna cure all ills
With a dancehall beat
You better let the pressure drop
Drop, drop, drop
You better let the pressure drop

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