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Rostok Vampires - Request lyrics

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Request by Rostok Vampires

Can you...
Wouldn't you...
f**k you!
Can you go to the racist
For me today?
My gun?
Why can't you give the hungry
Some food?
Who can explain the meaning
Of this world to us
Listen Jill
Mrs President is ill....
Couldn't you do the shopping
For her?
No M'am I couldn't do it
They follow their leaders
Hard on the outside
Who's the bastard?
Who's insane?
Like an other drifting beside
Once outside
I realize
This is not a game
Listen Jill.....
Hoot that crab
Nob on the wash
Don't you know
Now you see
These are my ways of
Expressing a request
Don't follow lines
Break through
You know what you gettin'
Like a dinosaur
In case of law
Like a wall of death
And we start swimming
This is what I see
And I agree

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