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Rostok Vampires - Boring Old Fart lyrics

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Boring Old Fart by Rostok Vampires

We wake you
We break you
We drive you insane
We push you to the floor
And kick out your brain
We catch
Then scratch you
Until you're mane
You boring old fart
(lyrics by Nigel Stuart Cox)
Ain't got no whore
No pussy galore
You got your friendship
Ain't got no whore
I realize that I was emphash*t
I call you sh*t dude
Bullsh*t or why
Killing all the anger - now!
I keep no slamming in'n'out'n'out
You see how it ends
But we keep on shootin' up
All end right now
We go on and on and start swimming
I never decided it was all a shame
Whatever you call
Should I go out for rage
A guy a dude a shilly you're bay
How do you profit
Oh I ain't got no way
I keep on staggeling
In and out and in anger again
But we keep on assuring no land
Right now
Keep on you dude
Froggeling to you

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