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Ronny Munroe - Evil Genious lyrics

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Evil Genious by Ronny Munroe

There's no way out it's all about to fall apart
It's time you found out what you are
You lived a lie and let it pacify your heart
Now for a genius not to smart
Your power stripped away your weakness is revealed
Lies so intertwined you can't remember what is real
Everyone you commandeered you no longer command
Now all that you fear I hold in the palm of my hand
Evil genius
Make a vow to repent but it won't change your life's intent
Can't deceive us
We know you all too well and you've been left to rot in hell
You were in above your head your bluff is all you played
You took the lead because you need power to persuade
Then what was to come came to us as no surprise
You lost it all your life's, passed before your eyes

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