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Rob Regal - Number One lyrics

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Number One by Rob Regal

Yeah! Regal
You eva wondered the definition of dope?
It's me plus a cellphone neck that's called loaps
At a beat you can bounce to
A crazy live show with some mega lay
Hit ya where the rappers can't amount to
Lyrics is a lie but I chose to use my name, tho
No longer a slave to assumptions, ex-Django
But I'm still the same, I'm just havin' ? with it
Kill these ill heels, just peek the way that I'm runnin' sh*t
Had a lil deal, I'm betta without a contract
I'm feelin' stronger like no chaser with the cognac
Alien minded, consider this contact
In the penistate, I'm comin' from where they bombed at
DC or ?, straight about the nations cap
They say my buzz died, I channeled it and raised it back
No voodoo, just some dudes on my youtube
A 5 year vet, still competin' with you loo-toos
Guess I'm still a rookie with some D-League development
I speak a sci-is, I come for you, my element
Iron in my veins, plant it in my future
I'm the man, you still b**ch to super two producers
Respected by the backpackers and the lama shooters
If you pussies had stories, I call em kamasutra
Know what I been through, struggles I been into
Scars on my body from criminals play against to
Fist fights, gun shots, I can tell a nigga
How many bullets a clip hold, somehow I got one shot

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