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Robby Valentine - Live Your Life lyrics

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Live Your Life by Robby Valentine

Life has got a meaning
So give it your best shot
Don't ever stop believing
It sure helps you a lot
But if you don't take chances
Life goes by right before your eyes
Life has got a reason
Does everybody know
They blame it on the season
When their spirit's low
Just waiting for an answer all the time
They waste their lives away
If you're not trying you won't find your way
Clear out your eyes and you will win someday
Hey dreamers - I'm calling out to you
Love seekers - time passes through
This is up to you - only up to you
Live your life
Love is still the answer
When everything goes wrong
You got to keep on trying
Sometimes the road is long
Stay on the sunny side
You can make your day
But ignorance still leads your way
For you it is a nightmare
That never seems to end
I guess you never tried
To find the crystals in the sand
Tears hold up your sleep
Each and every night
You throw away your life
Things won't always go your own sweet way
Keep on trying - you will win someday
When love ain't worth a dime
And you're losing all the time
Standing on the edge
For some silly suicide
You think that you're smart and bright
But no one seems to care
Let me tell you something
In love it just ain't fair

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