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Robbie Fulks - Love ain't nothin' lyrics

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Love ain't nothin' by Robbie Fulks

They say love's for the stupid and the poor
Well, I'm here to tell you that's for doggone sure, because
Love ain't ain't nothin'
Can't stick it in your drink, can't take it to the bank, because love ain't nothin'.
Jane is a housewife, 40, when she's honest
Tired of the marriage, the kids, and the Kiwanis
Her only joy is a make-believe Adonis that comes every evening to call
Now if the real thing stepped in from the bedroom ledge
She'd throw her arms around him, her love she would pledge, but:
She might as well throw her body off a bridge, because
Love ain't nothin' at all.
I said, love ain't nothin', no, love ain't nothin'
Can't eat it from a can, can't hold it in your hand, because love ain't nothin'.
Joe's been struggling on the Nashville ladder
But now he's got a label and a new hit platter, singing
Love Isn't All (But Love Is All That Matters)...What a clever title that is!
Now, the Bubbas all believe that he's a soulful cat
He sings it like he means it, but he's smarter than that
Hey, life's just a race to get wealthy and fat, and
Love ain't nothin' but show biz.
I said, love ain't nothin', no, love ain't nothin'
Won't keep your from the cold, can't use it when you're old, 'cause love ain't nothin'
Now, there ain't no harm in humpin', but look before you jump in:
'Cause sex may be sump'n, but love ain't nothin'.

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