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Rl Grime - Secondary lyrics

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Secondary by Rl Grime

Hold it!
Baby I'm pushin' through my own look
Put em in my new whip,
nigga doing that all my eyes cube sh*t,
benzin more, niggas all, haters always looking at me,
.. they listen to some p**sy at me
My chick bad looking like a bag of mollies,
The click bad jewel looking like a clack of holly
Bury never scary, they do everything I want em do
Lick it then .. I'm dropping to my room with you
You ' beautiful, got that California flow
Got that ghetto .. count the California dough
Been around the world but it's count to California
Just nigga to the diggers get that .. to California ..
Pricey, yeah I kick it no icey, like in my .. state
Circle too small for .. I swear niggas you .. for drink
They ain't to fake, ha ha know me that's no dude,
Real game like it f*ck dude.
I'm bout to do everything here for secondary
Secondary, secondary, secondary
Me f*ck the moves, money first everything is secondary, yeah secondary
I said oh oh oh, say oh oh oh
If the money over oh oh oh
Save the money oh oh oh
Everything is secondary
Name this problem make AKA chuchy to been the hour,
They say the benz with the money is the man with the power,
Bugatti damn, I know who I am damn,
b**ch niggas sitting there before I stand there
Why? I know who running, don't need no tennis shoes,
I'll stare .. and I ain't got no rules, I'm the problem
And so with it that's on my mama
' roll I got a gun on waste
where my dude all over the place
yeah I'm a star all over the ..
.. I love the case, see this yell and f*ck
Y'all niggas like a race, see this.

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