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R. Kelly - Real talk lyrics

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Real talk by R. Kelly

Do I know yo friend who?
At a club
Who was there?
Girl I wasnt...
Wait a minute calm down,I was at a club with who?
Get the f**
U kno what,girl im not about to sit up here, and argue about whose to blame, or call no names
See girl only thing im tryin to establish, with you is not whose right or whose wrong or
What's right or what's wrong
Just because yo friend say she saw in the club with some other b**ches, sittin in V.I.P,
Smokin,and drinkin,and kickin it...
Tell me girl did she say there was other guys there...did she say there was other guys
There...was there other guys there...well, tell me the f**k she know i was with them
Other girls then...when a whole club packed...wait a minute let me finish what i got say i been
With you for 5 years and you listening to yo mothaf**kin girlfriends i dont know why f**k with
Them oh jealous,no man have azz hoes anyway
Always accusing me of some ol bullsh*t when im just tryin to have a good time Robert you did
This, R.Kelly's I heard you did that dont you think i got enough bullsh*t on my mind?...
H-hold up, didnt i just give you money to go get yo hair, toes, and nail done...the other day
Hmm..yo ass was smilein then...
Gave who some damn money?, i aint gave nobody no damn money girl, is you tweakin...see what yo
Problem is you always running off at the mouth tellin yo girlz yo mothaf**kin business when
They dont sleep with us, they dont eat with us, besides what they eat dont make us sh*t...
You called my momma's house and what?...girl my momma aint gotta scream no cause for me...
...REAL TAlK...
And watch yo mouth, f**k me, girl f**k you, i dont give a f**k about what u talkin bout im
Sick of this bullsh* comin home and gettin my sh*t and gettin the f**k out of dodge u
Aint gotta worry about me nomo and...the next time yo ass get horny go f**k one of yo funky ass
Friends shh hell u probably already doing that sh*t anyway u gon burn what...b**ch i wish u
Woooooould burn my mothaf**kin clothes...with cho trifflin ass MILTON...u bogus
Girl...MILTON...start yo car and warm it up and get ready to take me home...this b**ch then
Lost her mothaf**kin mind...

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