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Ritual Carnage - Every Nerve Alive lyrics

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Every Nerve Alive by Ritual Carnage

Fight... we live for the clash, valor... our honor is law
Fighting elite, we are bred to kill, ready to strike
We will attack!
With the power and force, we walk through death
Releasing the beast, every nerve alive!
Burn... destroy with no remorse
Slay... without mercy we kill
Bound by blood, we scorn defeat, destined to conquer
We will attack!
The weak we shall crush, the chosen shall fall, infernal elite we shall rule
Sending the feeble, back to their holes, fanning the flames of the damned
For battle we're bound, entrenched for the fight, the menacing power elite
Wave after wave, blast after blast, the human death toll will arise
Death shall arise!
Power, possessed by our might
Glory... our heads held high
Victory in sight, we scorn defeat, bred to kill
We will attack!

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