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Ritual Carnage - Awaiting The Kill lyrics

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Awaiting The Kill by Ritual Carnage

The madness awakens, the hellfires blazing
From unknown dimensions he hails
His resurrection, his thirst for redemption, christianity infidel
The sinister being, attacking the fleeing
His labyrinth a black putrid sea
Nothing is sacred, and nothing is holy
For death will be dealt unto thee
For generations he has slain, damning souls for satan's reign
The number 6 is chanted thrice, invoking the Anti-christ
From the depths he will arise, sending fear into their lives
Seeking blood and craving flesh, comsuming 'til the very end
Wails, and howling in the darkness, screams echo through the night, beast lurking in the shadows, death summons
Awaiting the kill!
Loathing and fearing, and screaming and running
There's no place to hide or ecape
Ghastly creature, his sadistic reason
Death, doom and torment is your fate
The ravenous demon, will seek his next victim
Your body will tremble with fear
Frozen with horror, paralyzing torture
Your punishment will come severe
He dreams about the night he died, his burning at the stake
Denial of feeble god, repetnance he forsaked
With vengeance he is hunting, for eternity he will slay
All that is sacred, all that is holy
Cursed forever, they shall never rest!
Killing and burning, impaling, destroying, disemboweling lambs of the cross
The end is calling, your savoir is falling
Eruption, final holocaust
There is no escaping, the beast is awaitng
Annihilates with one fiendish strike
You can't defy evil, his power to lethal
Determined for the final fight

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