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Ritual Carnage - 8th Great Hell lyrics

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8th Great Hell by Ritual Carnage

Can you hear the growling. The moaning from below
The vilent gnashing of the teeth, the cries begin to grow
The demons have awaken, they've come to claim their throne
The mortal lives of those who cheat, deceives they will stone
The pain forever lasting, the mental torture cruel
The burning flesh, the smell of death, the punishment for fools
The skies are raining acid, the molten lava red
The fury of the elements, your final prayer unsaid
It's time to serve your sentence, fear running through your spine
Your body frozen with a numbness, cries from the 8th gate of hell!
Stand before the mighty judge, for justice will be served
Your soul is ripe for damning, 1000 deaths deserved
Your body starts to tremble, as the judge stares in your eyes
Impalement for eternity, your soul will never die
Your limbs torn from it's torso, the ritual begins
Staring at a lifeless corpse, the terror never ends
No mercy or forgiveness, no pardons for the damned
No one to hear your silent scream, a tear will not be she'd
Death forever lurking, the end willnever come
Your fate forever hanging in the putrid bowels of hell
Deadly gas devours, the toxins fill your lungs
The choking death, the burning flesh, to him you will succumb
A slaughter of the traders, for he's the abattoir
The executioner is calling, demon at your door
The reaper has arisen, the hellish demon strikes
He trusts his blade into your flesh, he'll take your soul tonight

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