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Riot 99 - Self destruct lyrics

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Self destruct by Riot 99

Walking down the street the other day
fancy a drink, well whattya say
a drink became 2, 2 became 3
before I bleedin knew it, on me f**kin knees
this fella I know offers me some pills
so I sez why not? come on cheap thrills
they hit me like a bomb, got me offa me face
there we was chuckin bottles all over the f**kin place
I'm sick and tired of the human race
what a f**kin mess, it's a disgrace
civil war now! chaos across the land
against all authority we will make a stand
kill the police, blood in the streets
pull a tommy gun on whoever you meet
disorder and mayhem! kill common sense
murderers set free pull down that f**kin fence

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