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Riot 99 - Rats lyrics

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Rats by Riot 99

I live my life the way I f**kin want to
I won't take no sh*t, especially not from you
Seems to me you're all the f**kin same
9 to 5 people you're dead set insane
The banks get rich off the backs of good men
Twenty years inside if you rob them
You try to tell me about truth and justice
There ain't no justice son, just f**kin us
I've been in this society long enough to know
That if you're on the bottom, there ain't no place to go
You can take your dead end jobs and shove em up your arse
We're not going to take it 'cause we got the sus
I've seen men grovel and I've seen em cry
Realizing how pointless was their life
Wage slave mentality permeates the state
And you wonder why the youth are so filled with hate
Give us hope only to take it back
We're the kids who fell through the cracks
I'll be your enemy until you concede
And our wrath in full you shall receive
I won't condone society, I won't even try,
'cause rats get fat whilst good men die.

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