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Reynard Silva - Every Time lyrics

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Every Time by Reynard Silva

It could've been someone else, but no it's you girl... that is constantly inside my head. maybe I'm delirious. thinking soo far out cause a girl like you never comes my way. And whenever you walk pass by, I feel giddy inside and my heart skips a beat or two. wondering why you're in my dreams. something I can't figure out, but all I know is that it's you.
Everytime I see you I, I don't know what to say. maybe it's me cause I, think about you everyday. your smile, your happiness... is the key to my heart. please don't look the other way. what else can I say? I'm telling you the truth. you gotta let me know, if I'm wasting my time. can you help me girl cause I, don't know what to do. all I can do is hope... you feel the same way too.
Now that I have told you how I feel... tell me if it's wrong or if it's real. I want you to know you're every feelings... leave me out in the dark alone. if you don't feel the same way as I... do then I, won't push it out on you. it's time that will heal my heart, but for now this is how I feel.
What more do I have to lose, if I don't even have you? why keep my feelings inside? might as well tell you now because girl I can't hide. let me know if I'm not the one you're searchin' for cause I really need to know. don't want these feelings to grow because I've fallen for you!

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