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Rene Froger - This Is The Moment lyrics

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This Is The Moment by Rene Froger

This is the moment; this is the day
When I send all my doubts and demons on their way.
Every endeavor I have made ever...
Is coming into play; is here and now today.
This is the moment, this is the time
When the momentum and the moment are in rhyme.
Give me this moment, this precious chance;
I'll gather up my past, and make some sense at last.
This is the moment when all I've done;
All of the dreaming, scheming and screaming become one.
This is the day – see it sparkle and shine
When all I've lived for becomes mine.
For all these years I’ve faced the world alone;
And now the time has come
to prove to them I’ve made it on my own.
This is the moment, my final test;
Destiny beckoned, I never reckoned second best.
I won't look down; I must not fall;
This is the moment, the sweetest moment of them all.
This is the moment, damn all the odds;
This day or never I sit forever with the gods.
When I look back I will always recall
Moment for moment,
This was the moment;
The greatest moment of them all.

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