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Remy Ma - Hot Nigga lyrics

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Hot Nigga by Remy Ma

See round me all the hot b**ch
And my fat boys, shut it that b**ch
More bang jump hot b**ch
And I told you I was coming from my spot b**ch
See Im try to kee it hip hop b**ch
Roaming Mchiavelli, I can turn it pop b**ch
I took it right back to the top b**ch
And if you disagree then you could eat and pop b**ch
I see I run around with your ass b**ch
Dont make upon I could put a ?
I swear to God all I do is spaz out
Im from 80s baby, grow up in a ?
Talk bout ? b**ches since the 5 grade
Old ladies I dont care if ?
My hood told me how to bug down and bang bang
Hit this ball damn b**ches til their bang zan
Surely like the way that bictes make it out
So they say he wanna digs his balls out
Never looking stupid with his balls out
Cuz I took his money and I walked out
Free be ? let it with my dogs out
I wont mess with kick b**ches, kick the doors out
Thats what got a b**ch locked up in the door
Free neckles, let him with the balls out
We gonna have heavy juice with the ?
Ice tripping on these whores, put em my ?
I see they all at, I gotta locked on em
See they dont respect anything till they pop on em
Selling b**ches til the east ?
The beat is? You know I beat so hard
So Imma do this one but f**k it on
Send b**ches with some problems get some ?
Smack the sh*t out of your bay mom
Said I got your favorite b**ches ?
Snatch the branies on, pull your panties down
Tell them nigga freak ?
Ok free max beat you
They say they never let me go
I just came on my bottle and we could go
f**k, f**k with me you the ?
Sending all these b**ches you just ?
Everybody know how I will roll
b**ches got me on my bullio
Imma about to go upon on em
They came out and f**k with me
Got me on that murder, whole sh*t
Im free you a bumping

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