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Reisa L. Gerber - Treatment Plan lyrics

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Treatment Plan by Reisa L. Gerber

How many times must I go 'round the circle?
He said, "I told you, I can't take this nomore"
I know someone supposes they really think
They know
What's the treatment sense.
Now, I know, know, I know,
In fornt of those peas in their pods,
They make you get it off your chest!
But I can be so sweet instead of screaming in the streets
Yes, I can, Yes I can!
Now I'm gonna find the cutest pal I ever seen!
He's gonna be around me all the time-
And he will see everything I am
And I do get mean and he says,
"Don't do that, man! Never do this, ma'am!"
Now I'm gonna put that old Treatment Plan-
In the backseat of his '72 van-
And even though, I do love my dad,
Let's go, old Glory Days, Let's go!
A forgotten dream, but it never came true!
And you don't get sick of me
And I don't get sick of you!
And you'll always, always be my best friend
And we'll see the Pacific Ocean,
And we'll feel peaceful emotions, oh yeah
And we'll camp out under the stars at night
Until the sunrise,
And our bodies will be warm on the sandy beach
And hey, sanna, ho, sanna, sanna sanna hey!
We'll be free, we'll be free.
Thank G-d almighty, I'm free at last.
And I know, I know, Iknow-
Someday that everyone willunderstand,
And my best friend will hold my hand
And after all is said and done,
And we're lying in the sun,
He still can, he still can.

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