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Reisa L. Gerber - The Kids' Page! lyrics

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The Kids' Page! by Reisa L. Gerber

The Kids' Page
Dedicated to my nephew Lee and my niece
Samantha, and her sister's Emily and Abigail
The Color Song
Red is a nice bright color,
Green is a pretty sight-
Yellow is, too-
And so is blue-
But everything fades to white!
For white are the clouds, blue is the sky
Raindrops fall as I go passing bye-
With my umbrella, the sun is yellow!
But everything fades to white!
Children's Rock and Roll
Pretty Miss Lizzie is singing a song,
Pretty Miss Lizzie is dancing 'til dawn
Pretty Miss Lizzie has leaves in her hair-
Pretty Miss Lizzie is eating a pear!
Pretty Miss Lizzie wears diamonds and pearls,
Pretty Miss Lizzie is glad she's a girl!
Pretty Miss Lizzie draws pictures in school,
Pretty Miss Lizzie is really a jewel!
Go, Lizzie go, go, Lizzie, go
Go, Lizzie, go, Lizzie, go, Lizzie, go!
Go, Lizzie, go, go, Lizzie, go!
This is children's Rock and Roll!
Pop in, Pop out
Pop in, pop out,
No need to shout!
That is what it's all about.
Stand up, sit down,
And smile and frown,
And things will all work out!
I'd like to submit these three songs,
written for my nephew and nieces...
in the archives of my mind, brought real
in 2004.
Reisa L. Gerber

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