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Reisa L. Gerber - Sweet Little Nothings lyrics

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Sweet Little Nothings by Reisa L. Gerber

Sweet Little Nothings
I woke up to sweet little nothings,
They were circling 'round inside my head
But I did not give it a second thought
Until I saw it was the lady in red!
And a voice from the bottom of my rubber soul,
It shot up right off the top of my head,
And it said,
"Reisa, i don't care where you've been
or what you've been through-
Albeit, I have been there, too"
So I said, "Hey, could you lend me a little
Mula-la-la, oooh la la,
I'm short of cash today!
And I'll pay you back tomorrow",
But tomorrow never came!
I said, "I'm gonna go to the underground
I'm gonna "reach out and touch"
Your deejay bookie Al-
And if I were you, i would not,
Consider it forgotten,
To "lay me down" for Barbizon
in the fifth!
And I said, "Hey, there, Johnny, on the spot-
I think we could make it if we tried
And he looked right through my penetrating
Baby blues-
And he said, "Baby, give me one good
reason why.
And I said, "I can tell you right off the bat-
Even though it isn't qualified,
Life without you is just a poor
For a cobalt buddy in the sky!"
He said, "hey! Let's climb into my red
And we'll hit the double white lines
On the freeway....
And we'll drive all night
Until the morning light
And we won't stop 'til we know the
Reasons why....
I said, "Hey, ya' know, I was wondering,
When some girl just seems to
well, "turn you on"....
Where do you take her
And what do you show her
That she's really a bomb!!!!"
He said...."Whooooooooo! That's a tough one,
Honey, but since you really wanna
I like to take her to watch
a sunrise
On the rocks above the beach
Above Malibu...that golden...."
And I said, "GOLDEN!!!!! Are you asking me to know......GOLDEN BAND???He said, "ooooops! Hold your horses, honey!
Gypsy love is a roving rapture,
A wontan bird that cannot be chained...
And he broke down like a child of five years
old, and he began to cry.
baile me rumba, baile mi rumba!
I said, "Honey, the dawn is coming,
And I know you'll soon be gone.
But for what it's worth to you-
And I took him in my arms...
I tried to love you, man."

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