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Reisa L. Gerber - More/euphoria lyrics

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More/euphoria by Reisa L. Gerber

Reisa L. Gerber
I gave you a capsule for love
And then I took it back
Because it made me feel so good.
I said, "All you ever do is sleep around the clock
I hear you knocking at my door
Oh, baby, more.
I gave you a keepsake, for love,
And then I took it back,
Because it made me feel so good.
I get a free ride, the ticket aint for sale,
No, I don't come down,
Because it made me feel so good.
Doctor, sometimes I feel low,
And I don't know what to do,
And I need a helpin' hand, to pull me through-
And I know I should refrain,
But I'm feeling so much pain
So I take more, more, more, more
More, more, more,
Euphoria, euphoria, euphoria, euphoria
You know it makes me feel so good,
And I take more than I should,
And I don't know the reason,
But it numbs these painful feelings-
You say, "All that stuff will do
Is give you a long and peaceful snooze!
So I take two three times a day,
It sends this heartache on it's way,
And you say, "That won't hurt your head
In the long run"
Well, that's deceitful! I don't lie-
This storebought stuff makes me "high!"
I have beat this "word"-addiction years ago-
It's to sing! I thought it might
Be of help to someone else.
Thankyou...and good morning!
Bad night last night!
Reisa L. Gerber

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