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Reisa L. Gerber - Fulltone lyrics

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Fulltone by Reisa L. Gerber

"First he took her dresser
And he put it in her heart,
And then he took it back from her-
But he was not insulted.
"You told me", she said,
"What you think of me"-oooooooooh, insult!
But she knew that this was not true,
And never agaon would she look with her heart
Without hitting on it fulltone...
Now Jude, says she never hearts her hand,
She cut in her hand, {hint:cards"}
Without hitting on mom,
"If you were one half as nice to all your new
friends here in Florida,
As you normally treat our mom,
You'd be in business!"
But that's a Pandora's box
That Jude and mom will have to open up
Later down the road-
With the most insult I've ever ever felt!
Ooooh! All that stuff that you do!
She's attracted by the sunlight!
So? Turn her around and swat her on
the bum!
I don't work at that psycho placee!
She just has a burning desire!
Like, "My name is Reisa Gerber and I'm a..."
And they say, "Oh, shutup!"
To my embarassment.
Inbetween this number and that number,
It's raining cats and dogs!
"Shock the Monkey!"...."Hello, Reis!"
You know what you're doin'!
Hohum! It's another gungho day!
Rings on your fingers and bells on your toes!
Just try to be nice when you "grat" her!
Give her a turn or two!
Ten minutes is all she needs,
And she'll be satisfied!

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