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Reisa L. Gerber - Forget lyrics

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Forget by Reisa L. Gerber

Can't you just forget about my evil fantasy?
My secretive desires and the place I'd rather be?
Can't you just relax your fears,
Your tense anticipation?
Round up all my cheap tricks
And send them on vacation
Just for awhile, forget, you ever knew
There was a Reisa
Just for awhile set your mind
To loving thoughts to dream on
Can't you just forget about my jealousy
and hatred?
My power, my covert glances,
My lying eyesare greatful
My wierd preoccupation with sex and weight
And money?
The way it feels when I'm caught-
Could you just forget that "funny"?
When you're off into your solitude,
The place that finds you peace-
Forget that I'm behind you
With my powerhungry beast
I feel I am a robot who you set to go to start
I grab whatever I can get
I do not have a heart.

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