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Reisa L. Gerber - Bigshot lyrics

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Bigshot by Reisa L. Gerber

Reisa L. Gerber
I'm a tired, good person,
Watch me deal with the "pop"
I see you turn down some unfortunate,
And I'm gonna crop (Watch me "Hoss" it)
Or else, I'll make you boil-
With your "Honey, got to turn you down"
From my gravestone, little Rosie,
Is a processed old frown-sigh, sigh,
What, yeah, that's my business,
What, Jude?
'Til you start feeling like it-
I make it with your honeyhaired love,
Baby sis,
So you better start dealing with it-
You were once my everything,
Cycle, water, kissed her,
Inside my heart, I felt so hurt,
I couldn't think about anything else-
And the worse my baby got,
The more it was heartfelt,
Glazed glass of rang-a-gang,
"hi", got rights, man, if it sells.
"Curse it", old Grenadine,
Debt, stingy, steal, stiff, hoard-
Also says "I'm broke"-
Is this girl "above board"?
Thankyou for your consideration of Bigshot.
Reisa L. Gerber

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