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Reisa L. Gerber - Be Happy {instead Of Wine...Etc. #2} lyrics

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Be Happy {instead Of Wine...Etc. #2} by Reisa L. Gerber

Be Happy
You're always running around without a reason
It's the same, from season to season
Let the thread of integrity keep you above-
Beyond that highriser is nothing but luv-
Refrain: Why don't you try to let out a smile?
Make a happy sound out loud,
There are so many beautiful things
In this life-
Be happy, be happy....
So wait for your prince, your knight in his armour
Sit there and wait, sit and wait for tomorrow-
How can you waste it-You're living today-
What kind of game does your headkeeper play?
Oh my G-d! You're alive! Now, I don't feel sorry
The weaker the link,
The more fragile the chain-
I know people who would give a small fortune,
For precious indulgence and rights to your pain...

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