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Reina Del Cid - Wonder lyrics

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Wonder by Reina Del Cid

There are a few new leaves
On my backyard tree
And I never want to trip you up with honesty
But I guess the burden of the truth
Was greater than me
I've got my blue guitar and my coffee mug
God, I'm always singing
All these songs of love
But you, what do I know about you?
What can I say? If I feel this way
It's like trying to paint a picture
With just shades of gray
And I can't help but see in color
When I look at your face
I can talk about my wildest plans
And you'll understand cause the
Words are always resting in my open hands
But you, what can I say about you?
Now I wonder what it would be like
To have your hand in mine
I'd rather fail than to never try
There are a few good fruits
On the friendship shoot
But I never trusted people like I'm trusting you
And time can move so slowly
When you're not here
You make the doubts dry up
When my mind shuts down
And it's never been as open
As it is right now
See, I feel like I could do this
If you wanted to
Chorus (2x)

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