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Reina Del Cid - The Sound Of You lyrics

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The Sound Of You by Reina Del Cid

I'm getting used to the sound of me
All tripped up and fumbling
Picking words from that lovely stream
Of all the things that you mean to me
Cause it hurts
Oh it hurts to like you so much
How to thank the earth for you
The eyes the smile the wisdom too
You're all good things thrown into one
You put the flowers on my tongue that say
Yes I love you this way
And there's so much that I should tell you
And there's so much that you should see
So many "Keep out: heart bound" places
You belong in me
I'm getting used to the sound of you
Volleying back this feeling too
Tasting all the things I wished
Waiting in that lovely kiss with you
Where there's no hiding the truth
And how you treat me like a queen
Like when I said my eyes were swampy green
And I saw you smile and I heard you say
"If your eyes are swamps, they're the Everglades"
And that you love them that way.
Sometimes it's hard for me to tell you
What is harder still to hide
And so I hold tight stay trite and never let my heart decide
But despite my fear
I've got no way of stoppin'
The sound of you from breaking through
The static in my mind
And I just won't hear
Another word of caution
I know it's dangerous
To love like us
But I feel safe enough in the sound of you
I remember how it used to feel
To try to make indifference real
To weed out love so skillfully
That you would never get to see
The flag that you were sticking in my heart those days
I knew gravity would get to me
And I'd be yours eventually
But never dreamed it could be so sweet
Watching you just talk to me
At night, when the city lights were burning outside
Sometimes it's hard for me tell you
But I'll tell you
Cause I know you sympathize
When I hold tight, stay trite, and just can't let my heart decide

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