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Regnum Umbra Ignis - The Cult To The Night Of The Times lyrics

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The Cult To The Night Of The Times by Regnum Umbra Ignis

When I can see the blood spurt of the betrayer
I smile because the revenge is a virtue of the strongs,
Strongs and sovereign like the night,
That in his greatness and in his mysteries envolve us.
I walk free in my reign, across of nights, across of centuries,
The night show me who I am for inside, is the reflection of the ýIý.
The culu to the night did born when she create us,
And when the first shadow did triumph!
I worship my dark thoughts in my silence,
The past is my sacred book, my knowledge.
The way of the wisdom only is followed with desire and daring,
The fear is the ignorance and the enemy of victory.
In the past was supreme gods... gods of ourselves,
Our reality, and glories gone hidden by the fear,
During centuries the false doctrine gone reverenced,
And with promises and lies, did try destroy our knowledge.
In the underword worships our inner true
Our pride is always with us and burn within of the breast.
Celebrate our past, knowledges and glories,
Celebrate the conquests is the great lords of the past!
The power come of the elements that I can feel,
Blood, nature, and the divinities that throwing me
Luna... nocte... umbra... ignis.
From birth until continue evolution of the soul,
Come the inner power,
Guide us nocturnally to the victories
By the battles of the destiny!
My soul is forever in war in search of the absolute equilibrium,
Between moments is extreme hate and utopic peace.
The hordes of demons advance destroying the sanctities shiny by the divine light,
Rules by the instinct of fight, the hate and the revenge.
The cult to the night that the black age is invoked,
The age of darkness come to the supremacy,
The cult to the night of the times,
Ancient rites to salute the lords of my lands.
Celebrate with blood the retake of the power,
Raise us affront the ruin of ecclesiastic palace,
Oh! Sir all is ready to your reign,
The time donýt is more important cause have the eternity.
The night of the times is come back!

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