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Red Hot Chili Peppers - Katy Song lyrics

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Katy Song by Red Hot Chili Peppers

Some escape some door to open
This path seems the blackest but i
Guess it's the soonest
But there in the clearing i
Know you'll be wearing
Your young aching smile and
Waving your hand
Can't go with my heart when i
Can't feel what's in it i
Thought you'd come over
But for some reason you didn't
Glass on the pavement under my shoe
Without you is all my life amounts to
A final sleep no
Words from my cutting
Mouth to your ear or
Taut wicked pinches
From my fingers to your bitter face
That i can't heal
I know tomorrow
You will be
Somewhere in london
Living with someone
You've got some kind of family
There to turn to
And that's more than i could ever give you
A chance for calm
A hope for freedom
Outlet from my cold solitary kingdom
By the forest of our spring stay
Where you walked away
And left a bleeding part of me
Empty and bothered
Watching the water
Quiet in the corner
Numb and falling through
Without you what does my life amount to?

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