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Rebellious With A Cause - Welcome To The Crypt lyrics

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Welcome To The Crypt by Rebellious With A Cause

It's midnight and your trapped inside a nightmare
Don't try to wake up cause your already here
Your mind is filled to the brim with these sexual fantasies, masochism and damnation
The experience is unclean
You step forth through the gates of the graveyard
The corpses piled around you warn you not to stay long
But so step by step you start to back away
All the voices in your head are forcing you to stay
Your mind is gone forever, every breathe you try to take brings you closer to the light in the corridor of hate
You wanted everyone and everything so now you touch the light but your brought up through the heavens by the grace of the knife
That's right
Welcome to the crypt
You become the sadochist and inflict all the pain upon the masochist
I get hard to become degenerated
You incinerate my body in the touch of hell's fire
My indulgence of the crypt my soul forever burns brighter
So you lock me away in a cage and I submit because you cannot ever leave
Your soul is welcome to the crypt
Everything that you have want you will receive
Welcome to the crypt
Where demons slaughter your offspring
So masturbate forever to this pain
No refrain I see the vomit on your shirt
Covered in blood stains
Blood is dripping down your dick
And your covered in these bruises
Eyes black and nose bloody
Forcefully your used to it
Razor blades running down your throat cutting out your tendons
With the sound you only make a moan and pleasure to these feelings your flesh is peeling off
It's all gory in your room your silent screams which make you cum
And masturbate within the tomb
This is the pain that causes your to reach your desiny
As satan wakes you up from this dream
And back into reality

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