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Real McCoy - Scottish And Proud lyrics

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Scottish And Proud by Real McCoy

Well gather round people
And I'll tell ye a story,
A story so auld
Frae a time long gone by.
It comes frae the highlands
Where the wind blows the heather.
To think of it now,
Brings a trae te me eye...
Well the romans invaded
What's now called Great Britian.
But the Scots were so thugh,
They could not take all.
But they captured the English
And used them as slaves,
To toil day and night
To build Hadrian's Wall...
With tartans a sailin'
Pipers a whailin'
Laddies and lassies
Appart frae the crowd.
When the fightin' is done,
The battle is won,
There we'll be standin'...
Scottish and Proud,
Oh yea we Scottish and Proud.
So if you're a fighter
And scrappin' a lot,
You'd best shy away
If you're scrappin' a Scot.
Wi' one fuckin' blow
Yer head will be squished,
Then he'll let his scottie dog
Lick the blood from his fist...

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