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Reality Check - Father Of Lies lyrics

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Father Of Lies by Reality Check

Trusted to have equal'd
The most high
Never will be held
He can change size
Doubtful if God can
Create anything
God can't kill the rebels
In his ring
High up in heaven with songs to hymn his throne
And practiced distances to cringe, not fight- now you know
You think your book if full of truth and never lies
The truth is that your book brings no good-just cries
And the serpent's cause is just because he shook the throne
War on the plains of heaven made this knowledge known
God created hell and that is why we have our torture
And if you ignore the book you shall feel the fiery scorcher
If you love the dark
If it makes you alive
Prince of Darkness
The father of lies
The father of lies
The father of lies
The father of lies
Infinite malice cannot be outwitted-that's no lie
And remember the adversary wants to see you die
Encased in your new pine home you will finally rest
And maybe you'll understand the rites of an atheist
And if you find John 8:44 pertains to you a lot
Then wipe away ancient symbols from your burial plot
The moon rising over your stone like the sun on the horizon
And once you're under you will never again start risin'

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