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Reading Rainbow - Holographic Universe lyrics

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Holographic Universe by Reading Rainbow

They missiles flying guided
Inside a world divided
Ima lead up the Resistance
That's already been decided
Nothing will divide us
Egyptians used to get around in gliders
Trapezoids abound
There's pounds of blood and guts inside us
Arizona Wilder said Diana was a sacrifice
Bringing in the age of Horus
Pentagrams have appetites
Slaughterhouses, Abattoirs,
Meatworks, Cattle Prods
Depopulation and HIV by John Rappaport
Umbaba Samahongo, Jahbulons a strange god
Great architect of the universe in a space pod
Oak leaves, Fasces, Nazi's, and V signs
Symbolisms everywhere it's all up in the designs
And every time a peace sign is thrown up that's the devils claw
Did you know there was a base under the Denver airport?
Art Bell, George Noory callers with they war stories
Hotlines from east of the Rockies with all the ghost's gory
Diabolic Scientologist sedated
Hubbard mash potatoe brain the famous
Mother of the Darkness
Castle hallways are enormous
Near the village of Muno in Belgium
Next to farmers
They programmed children
Inside the walls of that satanic building
Referred to as the Castle of the Kings
By all the noble guilded
Male Phallus, Upright Pillar and a Chalice
With a blindfold over the eyes and a balance
There's cloudbusters, shooting quartz up at chemtrails
Applaud a vagabond dog as dog eat up your entrails
Iron up in Enfamil
High as hell of Seroquel
Depakotes a silent killer
Rosicrucians loving hell
The Beast has risen
This underground this aint commercialism
Women feeling good about themselves
Injecting botulism

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