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Reading Rainbow - Flying Humanoid lyrics

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Flying Humanoid by Reading Rainbow

You'll get your butt kicked
Re-enter the atmosphere like they Sputnik
Iridescal Exoskeletals on Board a Live ship
A Hive Mentality Honey Combs full of worker Drones
Shortcuts through subspace Corridors through
Forbidden Zones
My Skin and Bones tested and altered they work Genetically
Whole rows of Hybrids and Fetuses sealed Hermetically
Telepathically the Taller ones are Calling all the Shots
The smaller ones in Bio-Suit Surgeries giving all they Got
The Vessel stops and Vertically plunges the Flying Humanoids
The Cartographic Masters that travel the Interstellar Voids are not our
150 Trillion Kilometers they Blood is Like Mercury
Rising inside thermometers
On Top of us they Hovering Hiding Devices Cloaking
High Pitched Sumerian Languages being Spoken

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