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Reading Rainbow - Exogenesis lyrics

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Exogenesis by Reading Rainbow

Yo them 13 Original Colonies
Practiced Sodomy
Rosemary Kennedy tragedy Brain Lobotomy
Mission Number 13
Was Little Boy atomic bomb
Dropped it by the 33rd Parallel
Voice through Intercom
(This Robert Oppenheimer come see me
At Alamogordo, Drop the Test Weapon
With it's Trajectory set to Auto)
Slime and Slither reptiles
Anti Satellite Projectiles
Kinetically Bombard you
As you Open up my Zip Files
I'm the Center Mass
The Universe Infinite I'm the Middle Them
Cramming for your Mind
Like a Graduate sniffing Ritalin
They changed the Fauna
Steam from the Cooling Towers in Susquehanna
High Level Radioactive Waste
I do this Cause I Wanna
Ice Crusted Moons
Were depicted by Galileo
Bacteria from Earth
Left to Reproduce but they Failed
Populate Europa
Beg for Forgiveness aint no Mia Culpas
They even Hide the Stars from us
With Sections Out of Focus
Why are we alone if the Universe Exogenisizes?
Wilkinson Microwave Anistropy Probe Exercises
There will come a Time
When a Vessel come down From Orbit
They Create the Drama
And like a Sponge all the Numb Absorb it
Let's Resolve this as a Matter of Fact
Spit a ton of Thermite
Kill you Slow From the Inside out
Like a Mound of Termites
They Prefab the Stories
Double allegory all the Literal
Approximately 4% of your Body Mass Minerals
We came from Star Dust and Assemblages
Of Vast Molecular Gas
Don't Live in the Past
Compare & contrast
We have to Surpass
The class of the Last
The Sapiens that Came before us
Modern day Erectus
Cold & Unexplored Ice Sheets
For Siberian Bone Collectors
Death has Many Faces, nobody changing
The World is Stuck in Stasis
Bout to Hit the Ball out the Park
While y'all trying to Steal the Bases
Generations have Come and Gone
We don't Live Long
So make the Best and Work what ya Got
This whole Shit Wrong
My Hit Songs
They Teaching the People as well as Entertaining
Googling the Lines that I spit
What I Kick aint Fit for Lamens
Space Time Curvature Flux
They Momentum losing Torque
And Soon the Worms will Come to the Surface
Like Soda Thrown on Pork

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