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Reading Rainbow - Bestiality lyrics

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Bestiality by Reading Rainbow

Beastiality by Beast 1333
Running the Flatlands
We Pounce the Prey the Sabretoothes
Mark you with the Music
Like Scars on the cheeks of Seal from Lupus
Barge is floating in Anubis
We the Newest Wordsmithers
Out of sight Like the Space Shuttle
Taking Earth Pictures
Feel the Viciousness
Of the Visitors they Solicit Us
Insist to the this
Come Out from the Mist it is
Slit your Wrist to this
Deliciousness I sink in the Fangs
And rip chunks Out
Must of Y'all niggas is chicken
I'm eating Kung Pao
Like General Tso
So ready to go
I'll smile and shoot you Dead at a show
Flow better before
But what about After?
Execution Kill, what a Master
Slow it up before your heart Explodes from Palpitations
Bout to York Peppermint Patty this shit
A Rap Sensation
Standing Ovations no Patience Station Set to Blast
A Student of the Teacha
Now I'm principle of Many Class
Now Moving Forth
Pendulous the Rhythm knock you Out the Square
The Jesuits that Slept on Mattresses
Made out of Human Hair
Are in Control
Descendants of Survivors after Auschwitz
Are Trickier than trying to get a Gallon Out of Cow Tits
I douse this and Set it Ablaze
My Everlasting Flame
Will burn through the Night and the Thunderstorm
And the Pouring Rain
Full of Adrenaline
Bust through the Chest to Wake the heart
Everything in Life has gone to Fuck
And falling all Apart
Track a la carte
Come see I got many for you to Pick from
Feeling Copacetic with the Producer the Snare and Kick Drum
Just another Victim
You in Trouble and tripped in Quicksand
Raise you up from the Floor to protect you Like a Kickstand
No Wing Man
And everything I've done I do it by Myself
And ain't Nobody gonna give a Fuck if you in Failing Health
I Never reach a state of Wealth
All I need is Food and Weed
I'm saving every penny that I get to leave it to My Seeds
A world of Greed
Where everyones just Looking out for Number One
And blindly dancing to the Rhythm of they Godforsaken Drum
We Fuck and Cum
The Same objective still Remains to Reproduce
Just say my Name Three Times to bring me back like Beetlejuice
Know you love and Need abuse
Don't do it like Anita did
Everyone should leave Descendants
Everybody leave a Kid
So when your gone
The Blood that flowed inside your Veins Will Carry On
A blacklisted Outcast like a Roid Raging Barry Bonds
I'm seeing Past my Physical State
To the Outer Limits
Hours Passing by as I'm Meditating are Quick as Minutes
Send the Medics to your Crib right now
You Caught my Sickness
December 21st We wont make it Beyond to Christmas
Be Suspicious with your Mind on the Changes that Tweak Reality
And add Another Meaning to the word

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